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These Top-Rated programs for MacOS Sierra, OSX ElCapitan, Yosemite and Mavericks featured here can help you compose words, create and design images, have fun, secure and protect your Mac's data. Combined with bundled apps that come with a new Mac - These titles take your computing experience to the next level to let you share your world, artistic creativity and ideas with others.

If you review this list of Best Selling Apple Software Programs - There's a reason why these OSX applications rise to the top. They address common computing needs, are powerful, well-written, and have gotten good reviews.

Explore the full Top 100 Mac Software Titles to see a list of popular OSX compatible software other Mac owners choose.


Low-Cost Mac Office 2008
Frankly, the 3-license Student/Home edition of '08 remains the BEST VALUE for Multi-Mac homes. It ain't broke. For many users staying put - or finding deals on the 2008 version will meet many Macintosh user's Office needs for years to come.

Microsoft Office 2011 Single User Student Edition
Mac Office 2011 Student Edition
Big Changes in 2011 - The Home Edition no longer includes liscences for up to 3 Macs. Entourage is NOT part of this bundle! $119 MRSP.

Mac Office Home and Business 2011
Here, email is included as Entourage transitions (finally) to Outlook. MSRP $199. Especially for cross-platform businesses - we've been waiting for a true full-featured Mac version of Outlook. It's finally here.

WHY OFFICE? You need Full-Compatibility with the world's most common document formats. And most important - with Microsoft's new XML format files: Word .DOCX Excel .XLSX and PowerPoint's .PPTX formats. Without Microsoft Office, you will have problems opening certain files. Quite frankly, most programs like Apple's iWork or AppleWorks or others often just can't and don't open/print/display all Office files perfectly.

Best Mac Tax Software 2017 Tax Year

The Mac TurboTax 2017 Federal and State DELUXE edition is all most need to file a full Federal 1040, State and more. NOTE: Small businesses and sole proprieters MUST to look at higher-end packages like 'Home & Business' edition to file a Schedule-C, deal with employee, issuing 1099's and other more complex tax scenarios. This year, the Deluxe version no longer includes Schedule-C and home office deduction modules. Also note: Mac OSX 10.11+ (ElCapitan, Sierra or High Sierra) is REQUIRED to launch the software, so the minimum Mac computer OS requirements have gone up.

Mac TurboTax Deluxe Download

Fed + State 2017 eFile

NOTE: Self-Employed and Schedule-C filers need to buy the Home & Business edition to unlock Schedule-C and home office deduction features. The Deluxe version no longer does that. While you can pay to upgrade to Intuit's Home & Biz version from inside the Deluxe software if you need to, it's cheaper to buy the full Home & Biz version in the first place.

Home & Business TurboTax For MacOS

For Mac Sole Proprieters

TurboTax For Mac 2017 is also available in boxed retail packaging on DVD if you need it. Frankly though, with Apple having discontinued the inclusion of a SuperDrive in any of it's more recent Macintosh desktop and laptop computers, most will simply prefer the downloadable Mac OSX version of the tax software linked above.

If you prefer to use H&R Block's Tax software for Mac OSX, they offer a decidedly more affordable alternative than Intuit's TurboTax Deluxe:

H&R Block 2017 Mac Tax App

Deluxe Fed & State With eFiling

Like Intuit - H&R Block's Deluxe Fed+State 2017 version doesn't include Schedule-C, rental property and other small biz features. For that you'll need the Premium version.

Mac H&R Block Premium Tax App

For Businesses 2017 Tax Year

QUICKEN FOR MAC: Get Rich Quicker

Best Price on Quicken Essentials For Macintosh
For money management, Quicken is the de-facto standard. Quicken doesn't always release new versions every single year for the Mac - and in a way they don't NEED to. When feature enhancements warrant, they'll release an updated version. But frankly Quicken 2004 for Mac OS X works just about as well as the latest one. Whether on the Mac or PC, the fundamentals of single and double entry accounting haven't changed.

Small businesses may need more accounting horsepower: Step up to QuickBooks 2013 for Mac


Simply put: NO other graphics program give you the precision control, the sophisticated selection tools borrowed from CS3, the ability to alter and ajust images with this much finesse! There's other interesting graphics editors for Mac - but NONE with the refined power this low-cost cheap version of Photoshop for Mac has.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 For Mac Intel was just released. It brings Photoshop's Healing Brush, Panorama tools, and expanded photo book, cards, and calendar creation.

JUST DISCONTINUED : PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 9 FOR MAC You may find a deal on this image editing powerhouse on the cheap: the discontinued version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 For Intel Macs Only.

For older G5 Macs or versions of OSX: You might be able to hunt down a now discontinued, discounted copy of version 6 Adobe Photoshop 'Lite' - Elements 6 for OSX Leopard+Tiger


Desktop Publishing extraordinare: The Print Shop Mac 2.0 does it all
Broderbund has sold The PrintShop for decades - for both PC and Mac and this version is just world class PRINT ANYTHING from labels to cards to calendars to signs, biz cards. Nobody makes layout easier. TIP: Only buy the 2.0 version! Earlier versions just won't run right and will crash on Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard.

Alternately, the lower-cost Print Explosion v.3 for Mac
A worthy competitor to Print Shop - Nova Development's PrintExplosion has been around for many years and is a mature, easy to use OSX app that makes it ridiculously simple layout text and graphics - and with brain-dead simple "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE? LET'S GET STARTED!" Wizards and Templates to do half the work for you.


Hoyle Puzzles For Mac

150+ Hoyle Card Games Mac 2009>
For $20 or Less, Hoyle games for Mac can give you years of entertainment and a huge variety to choose from within each package. Whether you're a card-shark, a gambler, or puzzle-brainiac -- HOURS of fun for pennies per game.

Hoyle Casino 2008 OSX
Gamble your life away - with no risk to your wallet.

Best Mac Apps - The Future Of Apple Software

I'm in the process of heavily revamping this Mac software site. So much has changed in the Apple scene in the past year or two. th notion of boxed retail software for Mac is phasing out. This is partly due to the discontinuance of CD/DVD drives on Macintosh desktops and MacBook laptops. Apple has stopped selling even it's OSX operating system on disc. And of course with ever higher-speed internet connections most of us have - software downloads are overtaking retail software sales rapidly.

The rise of Apple's own APP STORE has consolidated the OSX software distribution channel to one that Apple now largely controls. Sadly, this makes finding discounts and alternate sources more difficult, and leads increasing numbers of Macintosh (and iOS) users to the mothership - as Apple intends. Amazon's own Software Center does provide at least some competition and is an alternate source to save a bit of money on software purchases. That makes it tough for affiliate marketers like me since Apple isn't sharing it's slice of the pie, and steering many away from Amazon.

Another Mac software trend is moving away from standalone apps that you purchase outright. Adobe in particular, and now Microsoft - are moving towards SUBSCRIPTION licensing models where you can affordably 'lease' the right to run their software on your Mac from month to month or annually, with network connectivity overseeing your liscence to launch rights. This makes software access to, say, MS Office or Adobe Creative Suite far more affordable to 'TRY' - but more expensive long-term to cough-up renewal fees! The times they are a'changin...

Even the nomenclature of the Mac software market has changed. The word 'APPS' is now far more common, and our notion of 'applications' or 'programs' is seeming somewhat dated. So here at -- it's time for a rewrite to keep things relevant and freshen things up a bit.
More Top Mac App Titles In 2015 Than Ever Before
Software Development for the Macintosh computing platform is under a huge transition. Apple's USA - North American market-share in particular has TRIPLED in the last few years. The number of Mac computers sold now averaging over 4 Million Per Quarter. As a result, writing programs for OS X has become far more lucrative for software companies. And those that were already well-established players in the Mac applications arena are seeing profits explode.

Other software companies are seeing the value and opportunities of entering the OSX software market - and are motivated to insure their titles are Mac compatible and kept in parallel with thier PC version. So Cross-Plaform Win - Mac software compatibility is a way to leverage their coding efforts, and gain market share.

For those shopping for Mac software and wanting to buy OSX compatible applications beyond the software bundle of iLife suite, productivity apps and utility programs that Apple bundled into OSX. Combined with ever advancing horsepower in Intel Dual and Quad Core processors, powerhouse graphics chips - and new possibilies in media and gaming software on the Mac are taking Apple Computers software sophistication to new levels.