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Article Creation On A Mac Made Easy

Writing articles and blog posts are tedious and time consuming. What if you could use your Mac to get computer generated content (CGC) on the topic of your choice in just a few clicks at a low cost per article? Automatic computer Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generators can help you quickly build an article draft in minutes.

Automated Content Writing Apps For Mac

The latest, cutting edge automatic content writer that uses Natural Language Generation is Articoolo. Given a topical keyword expression like 'Social Media Marketing Tips' within 2 minutes it will generate a highly readable article of up to 500 words on the topic culled from it's various sources.

Computer Generated Content: CGC NLG, NLP, AI

What sets Articoolo's automatic article writing skills apart is it's sophisticated Natural Language Processing NLP algorithmns and AI Artificial Intelligence technology. Syntax, Logic, Grammar and Spelling checks in the second phase deliver a polished Natural Language Generated NLG draft that generally needs only a little tweaking and a few additions of your own to optimize keyword SEO and make it great.

Other Automated Article Writing Tools

For many years, Market Samurai for Mac has included a Find Content module that let's you do a keyword-specific search on the topic of your choice. It searches Answer Sites, Document Repositories, News and Article Directories to find content. But then it's up to you manually copy, paste, assemble and edit a not-so-original article from the snippets you've chosen.

Another is The Content Professor - which is accessed online through any Mac web browser of your choice, be it Safari, FireFox or Chrome. It finds related content, helps you copy and paste snippets in a logical order for your article. Then you have to spin it with it's spintax tools to generate a truly unique article. Of course you could always Outsource Article Creation and hope for the best.

A different approach is used by Jon Leger's Instant Articles and Article Builder - Windows PC only programs but usable if you run VMWare Fusion or Parallels on your Mac. It scours it's own massive spun article library and can automagically assemble an entire article - but ONLY on existing topics in it's database. If your niche isn't included, tough luck. Think Teeth Whitening, Quick Weight Loss, How To Groom Your Pet, etc. It's problem is it's thousands of users are all mashing up millions of spun articles from the same overused database of prewritten, spun sentences.

Automatic Press Release Writing Robot

A rudimentary but very helpful tool for computer generated press releases, the web browser based Instant PR Pro generates Natural Language press releases in proper format from stored company information and other snippets of news about your product or service - and automatically generates complete sentences for a highly readable news release.

Mac Spintax Apps To Spin Articles

If you need a good article spinner which is highly intelligent uses both AI and ENL - Enhanced Natural Language algos to rewrite and spin highly-unique content, SpinRewriter is the best option for Apple computer users. A built-in Spelling and Grammar checker as well as CopyScape integration assure 100% unique content Google will love.

Submitting Your Articles For Distribution

There really aren't any standalone article directory submission software programs for MacOS. But there are plenty of options to use web-based tools to get your computer generated articles published widely. Our top choice is the low-cost SpinDistribute which allows broad publishing of spun articles which you can prep and submit right from your Mac's web browser.

Mac Social Bookmarking And Indexing Services

After publishing your computer generated article or blog post, you'll want to insure it gets crawled and indexed so that it starts ranking in the search engines quickly. The easiest way to insure your content gets crawled is with Backlinks Indexer.

SocialAdr Bookmarking Service is a cloud-based SaaS app works great in Apple Safari, Chrome or FireFox for Mac. Nearly two dozen Top-Tier social network sites are used and it's use of Spintax allows absolutely unique Descriptions and Titles to target long-tail keywords. A basic monthly subcription for about $15 is highly recommended for any internet marketer.

Another Mac friendly social bookmark submission tool is SocialMaximizer's Social Bookmarking service which gives you complete control over submitting by allowing up to 10 unique Titles and Descriptions for your submissions.