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Best OSX Utilities : Programs for Apple Computer Maintainence

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For both Pro Mac users and consumers alike - additional software titles beyond the bundled suite of iLife applications can really maximize your Macintosh experience. The integration into Apple's own OS - and advanced abilities to acesses and interact with their other programs gives Apple brand apps a bit of an advantage over 3rd-party developers.

If you review this list of Best Selling Apple Software Programs - There's a reason why these OSX applications rise to the top. They address common computing needs, are powerful, well-written, and have gotten good reviews.

Explore the full Top 100 Mac Software Titles to see a list of popular OSX compatible software other Mac owners choose.


Disk Warrior 4 Is The Utility To Buy
Unlike ANY other disk-utility, MacGizmo has SAVED PEOPLE'S DATA with DiskWarrior when other programs could NOT. Use it once in a crisis and it will pay for itself many times over. When a drive has serious directory problems, Disk Warrior can either save it, let you salvage and copy the data if possible - or clearly let you know - DATA RECOVERY IS BASICALL HOPELESS. If so, it's time to rebuild your Mac life. In a nutshell: the ONLY meaningful drive help you need beyond Apple's own free Disk Utility app.

Do You Need Norton AntiVirus 11?
It's really debateable whether Apple user's GOT to have anti-virus protetction on their Macs. But if you sling Office documents around with PC users often, are in a cross-platform shop, or want peace of mind, STAY ABSOLUTELY CURRENT with Norton AV for Mac and run updates often - and sleep better. With Apple's increasing market-share, the relative safety from viruses and Mac trojan-horse threats we've enjoyed for years... probably isn't going to last much longer. But MacGizmos last words? Remember: With a complete external hard drive clone or backup of your Mac data - you can recover from any crisis.


Intel-based Mac owners OUGHT to get and be absolutely current. G5 owners may be trapped at OSX 10.5 into obsolescence -- but OS X 10.6 Discount Snow Leopard is where ALL Intel-CPU Macs need to be to run optimally, maintain maximum compatibility, and embrace the future. At $25, a Snow Leopard upgrade is a no-brainer - and will unleash even more stability, performance and value from your slightly aging Mac.