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Take the pain out of filing Federal US income and State taxes with these tax prep software options for the 2014 tax year. With Apple computer's insanely great market-share growth, more Macintosh users than ever will file their taxes on Mac OSX than ever. And obtaining the software will be easier too as both the Apple App Store and The Amazon Software Store will make downloading previous and current tax year Mac compatible Tax programs easier than ever.

TurboTax For Mac 2014 Tax Deadline

For Do-It-Yourselfers, nobody makes tax preparation on the Mac so easy. Intuit bundles both the Windows and Mac version of Turbo Tax in the same retail box to simplify purchase. For many, the Fed + State + eFile DELUXE version is all you need. The higher-end 2014 TurboTax packages offer more hand-holding and small-business specific modules.

*NOTE* if you're self-employed and need to file a Schedule-C, you MUST purchase the higher-end 'Home and Business' edition for 2014. The Deluxe version changed this year - it NO LONGER includes Schedule-C and home office deduction modules!

Both let you import previous year returns and current data from Quicken For Mac and QuickBooks to make many aspects of filing much simpler.

Best Tax Software For Mac

Download TurboTax 2014 For OSX

H & R Block Mac Tax Software 2014

For many years, H&R Block called their app 'Tax Cut', then changed it to 'At Home' for a few years leaving prospective buyers clueless that it was a tax preparation application, then this year wised up and simply call it 'H&R Block Tax Software 2014'. Smart move. It's a worthy alternative to TurboTax and comes in Basic, Deluxe State and Fed and Premiere versions depending on the complexity of your tax calculation needs:

Tax Cut For Mac 2014

H&R Block Fed + State

Running 2014 Tax Software Updates For Mac OSX

Regardless of whether you're on Windows - or a Mac running OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard or Lion - Frequent online tax code update prompts are common when you launch the programs. Tax law changes - often during last-minute legislative changes during tax prep season. Minor corrections to IRS implementation and software bug fixes necessitate endless tweaks to the forms, help files and code. If you start keying in your income, expense and deductions early - keep current on all these updates each time you return to the program to enter more info you've gathered.

Previous Years Tax Software

Um, 'Forgot' to file? Need to get caught up or Amend a return? Last and previous year's tax software is usually availble to help fix or get current. You can get older versions of Tax Cut and Turbo Tax to download in a pinch if need be. See what tax apps are available at Amazon's Software Tax Downloads section.

TurboTax Mac 2013 Deluxe

Federal eFile + State Edition

Tax filers with rental properties or complex investmment transactions may prefer or need the more advanced 2013 Mac TurboTax PREMIERE version:

TurboTax Mac Premiere 2013
Home & Business

Fed + State + eFile

H&R Block TaxCut 2013 For Mac OSX

Some may prefer H&R Block's income tax software for Mac and PC. Once named TaxCut - It's been renamed At Home. Slightly cheaper than TurboTax, the Deluxe edition of the downloadable H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State 2013 Mac - Includes a State tax download for those residents that require it - but be aware to eFile for State, there's a separate $19.95 charge for eFiling.

H and R Block Tax Software 2013

At Home - Deluxe Fed + State

Free Mac Tax Software Filing - Online

For those with SIMPLE tax filing needs for the April 15th 2015 deadline. It is possible to do taxes using Safari or FireFox web browsers for OSX. But you'll find it slow and tedious to slog page by page thru endless screen after screen. It works, it's doable - but it's a very different - and much slower experience from simply running TurboTax directly on your Mac laptop or desktop computer.

Income Tax Software For Mac OSX can help save time and take a LOT of pain out of filing Federal and State income taxes for the current tax year. Easy importation of last year's data helps elimate the need for reentering some data, and can help you compare changes in your tax situation from prior years.

2014's Tax programs for Macintosh come both on disc in boxed retail versions - or are also available for digital download to eliminate the wait for delivery. Regardless of what format you purchase your current year Tax software in, you'll want high-speed internet access to download the many updates, bug fixes and optional State forms that are made available as you prepare your taxes.

Typically, Mac tax software is available prior to year's end so you can get started right away. But State tax downloads usually arrive later. When you launch TurboTax for Mac or the OSX version of H&R Block's tax prep software - you'll likely be prompted to download any updates and be notified if and when your State tax module is available for download.